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Outer Spaces / Projects / Solar Chic: 2013 Silver Medal

Solar Chic: 2013 Silver Medal

  • This urban space was designed for a working couple that like to spend some time out in the garden, but mainly for enjoying relaxation time. ┬áThe granite paving, light colours and sharp lines all indicate a contemporary space.

    Features included in this design:

    • Chic City Garden for a Small Courtyard
    • Parasol Photinia Trees with beautiful Red Foliage and Star Like Flowers
    • Susan Bradley Stainless Steel Sculptural Panels
    • Sunken Planter with Stepping Stone Access
    • Paved Islands Surrounded by Soft Pebbles and Planting
    • Raised Planter Adds Height and Interest Whilst Sitting on the Gaze Burvil Lounger
    • Soft, Spring Planting; White and Peach Tones
    • Plants Important to the Scheme; Chaenomeles, Polygonatum, Aquilegia, ┬áDicentra, Bergenia, Tiarella, Heuchera
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