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Outer Spaces / Projects / Project R Space Tatton 2015

Project R Space Tatton 2015

This garden is a place to enjoy socialising with friends and family in a contemporary setting. There is also space for children to play safely and take pleasure in being outside amongst the plants.

The garden has been designed for a real family in a realistic setting, with the ratio of hard and soft landscaping selected for equal benefit to everyone in the family.

The main feature within the garden is the surrounding wall, including raised planters and a water feature. All these elements work together to create a stylish setting. Lollypop trees line the boundary on one side with minimal block planting. You then move through the enclosed seating area, down into the lower part of the garden. Here a lawn dominates the space creating room to play.

Today we see our gardens as an outdoor room, and this is the perfect example of that.

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