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Outer Spaces / Projects / Lavander Island: 2013 Silver Medal

Lavander Island: 2013 Silver Medal

  • This space was designed as a sample garden to showcase the latest products in the Digby Stone range. ¬†Clients could walked around the space and view the products in a real life environment. ¬†The islands highlight the beautiful colours and markings found with the stone.

    Features included in this design:

    • Paved Islands and Stepping Stones Above a Shallow Pool
    • Gaze Burvill Planters Stools and Matching Planters Containing Olive Trees and Lavander
    • Ivy Panel Screens Creating a Window Effect
    • Soft Planting That Surrounds the Plot and Also the Central Pool
    • Paved Path Allows the Occupant to Roam Around the Garden Enjoy the Planting
    • Warm Planting; Oranges and Purples with a few Other Colours Used to Break Up the Monotony
    • Plants Important to the Scheme; Stipa, Lavandula, Osteospermum, Nepeta, Iris, Veronica and Verbenna
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