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Outer Spaces / Projects / Cornerstone Malvern 2015

Cornerstone Malvern 2015

This garden is a demonstration of how a keen gardener can utilise the space within their small plot to create a place to both sit and relax, but also garden!
As you walk into the space you are surrounded by colour with the long planted border to your left and a raised alpine-planted feature to your right.  Not only can the occupant of this garden have a good sized border for general planting, but they can also be more specific with their choice of plant types and grow alpines in the sinks and troughs of the raised feature.  This feature also doubles up as a storage area for all the tools required to maintain the garden.
Following the path into the main space, you are taken down two oak steps and into a sunken seating area.  The whole area is formed usingoak sleepers and once in the space there is a built in table and two stools, constructed of stone.
Stone walls edge the corner of the garden along with a perimeter fence that reduces in height at the front of the plot.
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