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How to get rid of garden rubbish

It never ceases to amaze me how much rubbish my garden generates. At this time of year my plot goes into overdrive with barrow-loads piling up at every corner - and that’s even before I start my autumnal clearing of herbaceous borders or crops from the veg patch. Then there’s the annual clear-out of my shed and greenhouse that generates all sorts of waste materials, not to mention winter prunings and nature’s autumn bounty, as nearby trees shed their leaves. So what can you do with it all? Traditionally, a lot of garden waste was disposed of by setting it alight – smoking out the neighbourhood with piles of smouldering leaves and prunings. But in these more eco-aware days, we have to be more creative.

Ways to get rid of your waste

  • Composting
  • Shredding
  • Making leafmould
  • Burying
  • Recycling
  • Placing in the dustbin
  • Local authority tip

Other Tips

  • Bareroot plants become available in November.  This means that the plants are slightly cheaper as they have been taken out of the ground rather than a pot, but they will need to go into the ground immediately.
  • Plants looking at their best at this time of year include; Cornus, Skimmia, Viburnum, Ilex, Jasminum and Mahonia.
  • Time to give your lawn its last cut of the year.
  • There is still time to spike and scarify a badly drained lawn.
  • Protect tender plants by bringing into the greenhouse or surrounding with mulch, straw or fleece. 
  • Only water greenhouse plants if the compost is dry.
  • Clean out your greenhouse to remove any diseases and allow as much light in as possible.  Bubble wrap can be added for extra warmth.  Don’t forget to ventilate on a warm day.
  • Pond Maintenance; Dry out fountains and service any electrical pumps and filters as frost could cause damage.

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