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Prepare your garden for winter

It seems that storms hit the headlines more often these days, with floods, high winds and heavy snow causing havoc and chaos up and down the country. You might not be able to prevent all storm damage, but here are a few steps you can take now to limit the impact.

What to do before a storm

  • Remove broken or damaged branches from trees
  • Check fence posts and panels are secure
  • Move top-heavy containers to a sheltered spot
  • Check plant supports are in good repair
  • Take down hanging baskets
  • Check tree stakes and ties are firm
  • Store garden furniture and other equipment
  • Make repairs to sheds and other garden structures

Other Tips

  • Time to buy your Christmas Tree and instead of buying a cut tree why not buy a potted tree?
  • Popular Trees; Norway Spruce – fairly cheap but does drop its needles.  Nordmann Fir – holds its needles longer, slow growing, strong branches and silver underside.  Blue Spruce; Thick needles and aromatic citrus smell.  Silvery blue in colour.  Scotts Pine – bushy tree with long needles that don’t drop heavily.
  • Poinsettias are the plant of the month, they flower when there are less than 12 hours daylight to ensure minimum competition of pollinating insects.
  • Perfect time to take hard wood cuttings.
  • Prune Acers, Birches and vines before Christmas to avoid them bleeding.
  • Check that any winter protection you have fitted is still secure and in place. 
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