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Don't be hasty

“Patience is a virtue” they say.  It’s an old adage that’s as true for gardening as anything else. In fact, timing is the key to success with so many gardening tasks and unless you have patience you are likely to be caught out. Take sowing early veg , for example. Jumping the gun and sowing earlier in an attempt to get early harvests is futile if the soil or weather conditions aren’t suitable. The seed will either just lie there dormant until conditions are right, or worse, rot or be eaten – never to be seen again. Even if they do struggle to emerge, seedlings are likely to receive a check in growth if temperatures fall again. The plants will never fully recover and will be much more susceptible to pest and disease attack later on. In fact, you will get much more reliable results all round by waiting until temperatures rise and the soil dries a little, so that the seeds germinate immediately, establish quickly and romp away.

  • Continue to keep weeds under control before they start to flourish.
  • Increase the amount of water given to houseplants and stored plants in the green house.
  • Feed shrubs, roses and citrus plants ready for the seasons ahead.
  • New lawns can be sown or even just the repair of small patches.
  • Tie up any straggly climbing or rambling plants such as roses.
  • Protect fruit blossom from late frosts.
  • Divide bamboo and water plants.
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