Ascot Spring Garden Show Announcement

Ascot Spring Garden Show Announcement

We are very honored to one of the first winners of the NEW Ascot Spring Garden Show, which will be bursting onto the scene in April 2018.  After being invited to put designs forward this time last year, we were shortlisted and then announced as one of the six winning gardens awarded a plot at the show.

A high-quality boutique event showcasing Britain’s finest established and emerging horticultural talent, Ascot has created the Ascot Spring Garden Show – the south east of England’s first garden show of this scale in 2018 – with the gardening enthusiast in mind.

The all-new Ascot Spring Garden Show has been planned and designed by Stephen Bennett, former Shows Director at the Royal Horticultural Society where he was responsible for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the launch of all other major RHS shows during his tenure.

The designers showcasing their gardens at the show are Catherine Macdonald, Landform Consultants; Kate Gould, Kate Gould Gardens; Joe Perkins, Longview Design; Pip Probert, Outer Spaces; Richard Holme and Florian Degroise; and Tom Hill, Tom Hill Garden Design.

Pip Probert, Outer Spaces.  (Sponsor; Yardley of London)

“As a designer, I am always looking for ways to show people what the possibilities are with their outdoor spaces.  A show allows the public to enter individual garden rooms and be transformed.  Seeing a real garden full of possibilities that they can then transfer into their own personal situations. Ascot is a chance to demonstrate something new and bespoke.  The wonderful setting will not only excite and inspire people, but also provide an stimulating ambience for all that attend.  I am honoured to have been invited and can’t wait to begin our very own Ascot experience.”

The “Yardley London Flower Bouquet Garden” provides the user with a space of multiple uses.  There are places to sit and look out over the garden and entertain, places to feel more secluded for dining and open areas to walk through, contemplating the floral combinations.  A mixture of both contemporary and traditional elements makes up the design.  There is a fine line between those two styles and this garden is mature but fashionable with its features similar to the Yardley range.  Yardley use a range of flower oils to produce the final fragrances that we wear.  I wanted to showcase some of these flowers, but show them off in combinations that improve the overall impact.

The garden is split into three sections, each on different levels with a central water feature that runs through the centre linking the areas.  Materials are again contrasting with reclaimed sandstone paving and contemporary coloured render, both styles complimenting the floral combinations.  We have very contemporary patterned screens that will be used as both an outer and internal boundary letting in light but also adding a decorative statement as well.  Oak has also been selected for the feature table and various furniture pieces.  This contrast of materials also links to the theme of Town and Country.

Although all the hard work starts when we arrive on site, there is always a lot of preparation to be done before hand.  As with any project, you want things to run as smoothly as possible and so the organisation of materials, services and obviously plants is key.  ‘Schedule’ is a wonderful word, as we try our best to stick to it, but in my experience it is a very loose term.  I see my role as a Garden Designer, not only managing the project, overseeing the work, organising all the elements necessary to build the garden… but most important I am a problem solver!!  Expect the unexpected!  Not in a negative way, I don’t want things to go wrong, but I try to have a back up plan just in case things do go wrong.

So at the moment, we are finalising and confirming all the materials and the deliveries ready to start on site in just a few weeks.  We are working with various product sponsors along with the main sponsor, Yardley of London, to ensure that everyone involved has their area covered.  We have had our construction meetings and made a few tweaks along the way, always trying to improve on the build time.

Plants are my biggest concern, as April is very early when putting on a floral display and this weather is not really helping!  But, we are sure that we will be able to deliver on the day.

There is not a lot of construction that we can do in advance of the show, other than the water feature being constructed, feature panels being made and the reclaimed stone being prepared.  The rest of the magic will happen once we arrive…. And we can’t wait to get there!

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